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Chain Thong Road Bike Chain Guard

COMPANY information

How Chain Thong came to be....

I was sitting in my office one morning and a lady came in to get something out of the refrigerator. My bike was parked nearby.  She got too close. Oops, chainring tattoo on her slacks. She was not pleased. I thought to myself, there has to be a way to prevent that from happening. For some reason this thought  didn’t go away. It was persistent , so I paid attention. The Chain Thong was born.

We all ride a lot. Solo, with friends, to work, after work, organized charity rides etc.  Have you ever noticed how many greasy legs there are on a charity ride? Chainring tattoos appear by the end of the day. You never know when they jump onto your leg. The Chain Thong is a simple, lightweight, and inexpensive remedy to greasy leg syndrome. Originally designed to prevent chainring tattoos, it has the unintended function of keeping your chain and derailleur much cleaner. It blocks most of the grit coming off of your front wheel as it spins happily along picking up and depositing road dirt on your bike. I hope you enjoy your Thong, you won’t even notice that it is there. You and your bike will simply be cleaner.

The Company…

Once I decided that we were actually going to form a Company and manufacture the Chain Thong I needed to figure out what kind of company I wanted to be. Being as green as I could afford to be was a priority. It is the right thing to do. The Chain Thong is made from recycled/reclaimed  material that otherwise would end up in a landfill, being studied by aliens 1000 years from now. The artwork and manufacturing is done locally. I wanted to know who I was dealing with. I could probably get the Thongs manufactured more cheaply in Taiwan, but no thanks.  The project was a collaboration of family, old friends, and lots of beer and tequila. The tequila was not local. It took a couple of years of starting and stopping to get it right.

Much thanks to all the people who helped along the way.