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Chain Thong Road Bike Chain Guard

derailleur guard

chain guard



Parts included: 4 Zip ties (you only need 2, pick your color), screw and nut.
Tools needed: Scissors, pliers, screw driver.

  1. Attach the Thong to the downtube using the zip ties. Make sure everything is straight. Position the Thong 3/8-inch above the chain and 1/4-inch out from the chain. The top zip tie touches the top of the Leg.
    Does it rub? No? You’re done.


Position the chain on the large front chainring. Always adjust from the frame attachment point

  1. Attach 2 zip ties to the downtube, smooth side out. Slip the Leg under the ties and snug them up. Widen it so that it can rest on the chain. The Leg should be centered on, and parallel to, the downtube at all times. If your downtube is not round center it on the closest point to chainring.
  2. Raise the Thong so that there is ⅜ inch between the chain and the Thong. Tighten the ties so that the Leg is held firmly.
  3. The Thong likes to be ¼ inch from the outside surface of the chain. Move it in or out as needed. Keep the Thong straight! Tighten the screw.
  4. Now, spin the chain to see if the Thong is rubbing. If it is, adjust the straightness, height or width as necessary.
  5. Finish tightening the ties with pliers. You want the ties tight. Hold the Leg in place while doing this. Check the alignment again. Trim the excess tie with scissors.